Software for use with Zeta-tec's data loggers

Software for the µlogger data loggers is available for either the USB models (ZT-5002) or serial (ZT-5001)

Briefly the specifications of the software are:

  • Runs under W95 (or greater) or NT 4.0 (or greater)
  • Graphical or textual display for your data
  • Zoom in on your data
  • Name your probes
  • Min., Max. and average calculation
  • Save and load data and files
  • Save and load configuration files
  • Set 'look-up' tables to use for each channel.
  • Set start and stop time (stop when full, after a set time or allow memory rollover)
  • Log while connected to PC
  • Smooth your data (rolling average)
  • Print data graphs.
  • Export data to your spreadsheet.

You can download a trial version of the software. This free version has the comms disables but comes with demonstration logging sessions saved. Because the demo software is not connected to a logger it defaults to a THUM logger for the USB version and a RVIP logger for the serial (RS-232) version.

Dowwnload the latest trial USB software here
Download the latest trial serial (RS-232) software here
Just run Setup.exe to install the software;
The serial application can be un-installed using Settings-> Control Panel-> Add/Remove Programs.
The USB version installs an uninstall facilty for easy uninstalling.
This software is Copyright Zeta-tec.

Part No: ZT-5002 (USB)

Part No: ZT-5001 (serial)