A Data logger from Zeta-tec and the software

Data Logging

Zeta-tec is now no longer trading. The technology (IP) and designs for our data loggers may be available for sale. The technology (consisting of hardware, embedded software and PC applications) is: adaptable to a very wide range of sensor inputs; operates for extended periods from a single battery; uses a USB interface for configuration and data offload; and has proved reliable in a very wide environmental conditions.

Zeta-tec are specialists in low power, battery powered remote data loggers and data logging, you can use a data logger for everything from short 'in lab' experiments to long measuring sessions extending over many months. Configuration of a data logger is carried out via a PC via either a USB or a serial (RE232) connection. The data logger can then can be disconnected and left at the site of the experiment. Real time monitoring is also available for most inputs.

Each model of data logger is based on the same core design with different interface electronics depending on the parameter that is being measured. The data logger software will work with all our data logger models so we will not need to sell you another copy of the software when you but another type of data logger. These are high quality high accuracy and extremely versatile data loggers which can be left at a logging site for as long as two years gathering information on temperature, resistance, thermistor resistance, humidity, dew point, voltage, pulses or the time of discrete events. Additionally any sensor capable of producing an output as a voltage, resistance or pulses can be connected (depending on model) to a ulogger and scaled correctly. This allows many different types of sensor to be connected to the ulogger making these data loggers a very versatile remote data-logging solution.

We have a particular interest in temperature measurement using the high accuracy thermistors that are now available. For measuring environmental temperatures these thermistors offer a very cost effective alternative solution to thermocouples (generally designed for a much greater temperature range so not as accurate in their mid-range) or platinum 'PT100' type sensors ( ultimately more accurate but more expensive and requiring more expensive electronics and interfacing). Our 4Therm data logger (USB) is designed to work with these thermistors although if you requite a RS232 solution our model 4R logger also works well. We can supply thermistors mounted in stainless steel tubes or unmounted to connect to our data logger.

USB Logger models

Model 4Therm (USB) Four channels for our Type 2 thermistor based temperature sensors. 16-bit resolution. USB. 128K Memory.

Model 4R (USB) Four resistance (or thermistor) channels. 16-bit resolution. USB. 128K Memory.

Model THUM (USB) One temperature channel, one humidity channel and due point calculation. 12-bit resolution. USB. 128K Memory.

Serial Port Logger models

Model RVIP (RS232) One voltage channel (0-2V), one resistance (or thermistor) channel, one pulse/event channel and one internal temperature channel. 12-bit resolution. RS232. 32K Memory.

Model 4R (RS232) Four resistance (or thermistor) channels. 12-bit resolution. RS232. 32K Memory.

Model 4V (RS232) Four voltage channels (0-2V). 12-bit resolution. RS232. 32K Memory.

Model THUM (RS232) One temperature channel, one humidity channel and due point calculation. 12-bit resolution. RS232. 32K Memory.

A selction of applications that our data logger models have been used for

Resistance measuring data loggers (USB & Serial) Tree growth monitoring, soil moisture monitoring, corrosion monitoring.

Thermistor data loggers for logging temperature Weather recording, factory heating, long term temperature measuring of peat bogs, pavement temperature monitoring, ovulation monitoring in sheep(!), permafrost research, integrated circuit temperature research.

Temperature & Humidity data logger models (USB & Serial) Process monitoring, computer server monitoring, meterological measurements, artwork storage, library monitoring.

Pulse recording data loggers Engine speed monitoring, windmill speed measuring, flow sensors, rain guages.

Logic state recording data logger. Machinery on/off recording, access (door) monitoring

Event recording data logger Relay control, people counting.

Voltage recording data logger Photo Voltaic panel output monitoring, customer sensors.