Mixed input data logger with RS232 connection

Pulse, events, logic & frequency recording

Zeta-tec's original data logger the model RVIP has an optically isolated digital channel that is ideal for measuring 'logic level' states or the time of events as well as the frequency of pulses. This logger also has a temperature, a voltage and a resistance channel. Additionally the logger can be used with alternative sensors, leads and supplied lookup tables to measure parameters like current, light level, barometric pressure, humidity, strain or 4-20 ma.

High quality precision components are used throughout. The software allows the logger to be configured before leaving it at the logging site. At the end of the logging period your data is offloaded and can be displayed and analysed using the same software.

Hardware Specifications

  • Up to 12 bit (0.025%) resolution with a basic 0.25% accuracy, 8-bit and 10-bit resolution can also be set to maximise memory usage.
  • Four basic input channels; one, two, three, or all four channels can log simultaneously.
  • 1. External channel for measuring resistance (0 - 50k).
  • 2. External channel for measuring voltage (0 - 2v >1MOhm).
  • 3. Internal channel for measuring temperature (-40°C to +85°C) within ±1 ºC.
  • 4. External channel for measuring pulses per sampling interval or logic level at sampling point.
  • Up to 32000 measurements (depending on resolution required) can be recorded.
  • Logging interval 1sec. - 12 hours.
  • 1 AA user replaceable battery (lasts over two years with standard use - supplied with a logger).
  • High specification industrial grade components used throughout for maximum reliability.

Compatible Accessories

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Part No: ZT-1001